Attention: If you are using Wordpress, then this will be the most important page that you have ever read. Period.

Introducing WP Pipeline - Essential Software to Save You Time, Guarantee Your Security And Give You Back Control of Your Income!

Imagine you wake up tomorrow to find that your Wordpress sites have been hacked...

Imagine you wake up tomorrow and find that all of your Wordpress sites are down and losing you cash!

Imagine you find that you actually have no backups for any of your sites...

Imagine you need to fix or update your plugins across all of your Wordpress sites!

It's a stomach churning feeling when this happens. Trust me.

And what's more is…

If this hasn't happened to you yet then it's likely that it will do soon …and what will you do then?

wordpress hackers

If you use Wordpress for your blogs then you likely fall into one of two camps:

1. The Ideal Blogger:

You keep all of your blogs up to date regularly. You always install the latest security patches, versions of plugins and themes.

2. The Normal Blogger:

You only ever upgrade your blogs when you login to post and sometimes not even then.

If you fall into the first group, then I am surprised and you are amongst the top 2% of bloggers. Or more likely, you already own a copy of WP Pipeline ;)

If however you fall into the second group, then this will be the most important letter that you have ever read.

Let me ask you this…

When you login to your blog to make a post, do you see the warning at the top of your blog and ignore it?

Or perhaps you take note of it, but are in too much of a hurry to deal with the warning at that moment as you are desperate to get the task at hand done.

That's how I used to be also.

Until disaster struck and I lost a blog that was making me around $3k a month!!

It was a set and forget blog that made money from AdSense. The search engine rankings were so strong that I didn't even need to do any linkbuilding. I literally left it to run and smiled whenever I checked my AdSense account and found free money in there..

Then, one day I noticed that I hadn't made any money from it that day so went and checked the blog. There was a large notice on it saying that I had been hacked by the "Killin Eegles". Not a big problem I thought as my webhost had a backup...

Well, actually it turned out that they didn't have a backup. And nor did I. :(

Upon investigation, it turned out that they had been able to hack the site because of a vulnerability in an old plugin that I had. What was more annoying to find was that in the current version of the plugin, the vulnerability had already been fixed! So it was pretty much my fault for not keeping my website up to date… which gets hard to remember when you have just one site - let alone several, or a hundred or more!

A monthly loss of $3k is hard to swallow, but there wasn't much I could do apart from start the blog again and hope that Google gave me the same love that they had done before. They didn't.

It was an expensive lesson. But what I did learn was:

  • Always keep an up to date, full site backup
  • Always keep your plugins, themes and software up to date

Trust me when I say that you do NOT want this to happen to you. It is a real slap in the face after you have worked so hard on a site, not to mention any lost income… that really hurts!

You know and I know that you 'should' be regularly updating your plugins, themes and Wordpress software itself but…

Are you actually doing it? And if not, then why not?

I know the answer!

The task of maintaining your sites becomes such a chore that even though you know you should be taking care of it you simply just leave it until 'another day'.

The trouble is, that magical day when you find time to update your sites rarely ever arrives and so you hold yourself at the mercy of hackers and any other problems that may come up because of your neglect.

Unless you use WP Pipeline of course…

Let me share with you two fictional examples of problems and solutions that people have had with Wordpress and its management:

Name: Andy Bacon
Age: 24
Niche: Auto Blogging

Andy is aged 24 and makes money by auto blogging. He currently has 57 blogs which bring him in around $30 a day from AdSense and $13 a day from being an Amazon affiliate.

Just this month, he has broken the $1,250 mark in profit and is pretty pleased with how things are going.

He plans on creating more blogs, but as he has a full time job, he finds it hard to find the time to create them while fitting around his busy social life. His girlfriend enjoys being taken out for expensive meals and going to the theatre but doesn't really like it when he spend up to 5 hours in an evening creating a new blog.

Andy takes his girlfriend Catherine away for a long weekend and when he gets back on Sunday, he checks his Amazon and AdSense income.

This is usually the favorite part of his day by far, but he has a shocking surprise when he checks the last 3 days of income.

On Friday, instead of bringing in over $40, he has made $33. Although this is 20% less than average he also knows that income can go up and down.

On Saturday, he brought in $22. At this point he starts to get a bit worried.

When he checks Sunday's income, he finds that he has brought in $5 from AdSense and only $3 from Amazon.

At this point he knows that something is wrong and starts to check his sites one-by-one.

Everything looks fine on the first few that he looks at. The home page is loading fine and the posts also look fine. The AdSense and Amazon ads are showing up well.

By the 5th, he is quite stumped. He knows that something is wrong as income and stats are way down, but he doesn't really know what.

On the 5th site, he decides to take a look at the WP Admin and a message shows up telling him that 6 of his plugins are not up to date. This includes the plugin that he uses to autoblog.

He takes a look at the settings and finds that for the last week no new posts have been showing on the blog.

He updates all of his plugins, themes and Wordpress version and like a magician has swung a magic wand, his blog has now filled up with all of the posts that should have been there for the last week.

Andy breathes a sigh of relief and then realizes that he now has to do exactly the same thing 57 times. eurgh. And perhaps more importantly, he now wants to make sure that he avoids this happening again.

Andy hears of some software called WP Pipeline. He sets it up and imports the details of his blogs. In total it takes him about 5 minutes. He then presses one button to update everything across all of his blogs.

Andy breathes a sigh of relief as he realizes that all he has to do now is login to WP Pipeline if he ever wants to check on the health of all of his sites.

While Andy is using WP Pipeline, he also uses the backup feature and schedules that all of his blogs will be backed up once a week. He also creates a new autoblog in 30 minutes and realized that he has not only saved about 4 hours, but also that Catherine will be happier that he can spend more time with her!

Name: Warren Hadley
Age: 53
Niche: Local Marketing

Warren is 53 and is self-employed. He has around 20 clients which he services by doing web design, development and marketing. Five of those have Wordpress sites.

Warren understands the importance of keeping his clients' websites up to date and as part of his package offers a service where he receives a monthly payment of $15 to keep them up to date and secure. Four of his clients takes this service as it saves them having to keep an eye on their website and don't really 'understand' these things.

Warren receives a call late one friday night on his cellphone. It is the 'fifth' client. It briefly enters his mind on how the client obtained his cellphone number but his thought process quickly moves on. The client is in a massive panic and speaking at what seems like a thousand words a minute.

Warren was actually expecting this call, as he had also been monitoring their website with WP Pipeline and noticed that the version of Wordpress that they had been using was not up to date and that in the last few hours had actually been hacked.

He had also been ahead of the curve and kept a backup of their blog incase the inevitable happened.

Warren calms the client down and says that he will deal with it. Within about 30 seconds, everything was back to normal and Warren spends the next 59 minutes and 30 seconds catching the end of a rerun of ER. The next day Warren sent a hefty bill to the client and suggested that he joins his monthly servicing contract. Within minutes, the bill is paid by Paypal and the first month's payment is also included.

The 3 Groundbreaking Benefits You'll See When Using WP Pipeline

WP Pipline is a revolutionary new Wordpress plugin which only takes about 5 minutes to install but will likely have a profoundly positive effect on the way your business runs. If you can install a Wordpress plugin and point and click then you can start using WP Pipeline in just a few minutes.

This is what WP Pipeline can give you today...

1. Security

wordpress security Awful things can happen if you don't keep your blog software and plugins up to date:

Ever heard of hackers?

Let me tell you how hackers work with Wordpress. First they find a vulnerability or in hacking speak 'a black hole'. This is a bug within the software itself or within a plugin.

The next step, is that they find all other blogs that have this vulnerability and get to work.

It could be that they just act maliciously on your blog by replacing files with their signature files.

It could be that they replace your AdSense or Amazon affiliate code with their own so that you lose income.

It could be that they then use your blog to send out millions of spam emails resulting in your reputation going down the tube and being banned by your web hoster.

The best case scenario is that you have a backup and get your blog online again quickly.

The worst case scenario is that your hosting service shuts you down or that you are blacklisted by Google and penalized by the other search engines.

But let's look at the next step:

Usually, the vulnerability is patched fairly quickly. So, the plugin developer releases a new version or Wordpress release a new version of their software.

Then, what the hacker does is to search for blogs that have NOT updated as they know that those blogs are still wide open to perform their evil magic.

In short, the quicker that you upgrade to the latest versions, the less chance you have of being hacked.

And if you think that it wouldn't happen to you, do a search on google for Wordpress Blog Hacked and you will see over 3 million reports of other people having had it happen to them.

Once again, a MASSIVE way to be almost certain that it doesn't happen to you is to make sure that your plugins and installs are up to date.

WP Pipeline takes care of your Wordpress security and updates for you simply and easily.

2. Save Time/Money

save your time and money Hopefully by now you realize the importance of security and keeping your Wordpress blog up to date with the latest software and plugins.

The next step is to find a way to put this into action without spending hours doing it yourself every day or paying someone else to do it.

WP Pipeline will update all of you plugins and themes for you. It will even make sure that your Wordpress version is up to date. WP Pipeline will do this across every single blog that you and/or your clients have.

WP Pipeline will also save you time and money by:

  • Backing up all of your blogs
  • Creating new blogs for you
  • Cloning your blogs
  • Deploy single or multiple themes or plugins across all of your blogs by clicking just one button

3. Control

wordpress control Something that is extremely important if you have just one blog or if you have a thousand blogs is control. Or using another word, organization.

Being able to control and organize your entire online Wordpress presence gives you a massive advantage over any competitor. You will be getting up to the minute reports and statistics across your entire virtual real estate.

WP Pipeline will help you with this organization by:

  • Letting you know exactly what blogs you have
  • Having all of your usernames and passwords in one central location
  • Informing you when one of your blogs is down
  • Informing you when plugins, themes or software needs updating

Due to the time which it usually takes to have this control it is something which you probably let slide which means that your blogs are not up to date and probably not performing as you want them to.

By setting up WP Pipeline, in just a few minutes, you will have an instant realtime overview of all of your blogs!

Manage All Of Your Wordpress Blogs From One Location

Just Look What You Can Do...

update wordpressUpdate Wordpress Versions, Themes and Plugins

When any of your blogs need to be updated, you will be informed on your dashboard. You can then choose to just update that blog, or update any blogs that need to be updated.

  • update each blog individually
  • update all of your blogs by clicking just one button
  • update just the themes
  • update just your plugins
  • update just your Wordpress installations

update wordpress themesDeploy Wordpress Themes and Plugins

If you want to upload a new theme or plugin to one of your blogs or to multiple blogs, then you can do this in just a few clicks from your dashboard. You can also deactivate plugins or themes in the same way. This works the same way with either single themes or plugins or multiple themes and plugins.

  • choose any of the themes or plugins from the official Wordpress depository
  • choose any themes or plugins you have purchased or created which are on your computer
  • install on all of your blogs or just those that you select

new wordpress blogCreate New Blogs

If you want to create a new blog with a particular set up, then you can do this from the main dashboard in just a few clicks. You are able to create and save multiple profiles which are based on blogs that you already have. This is particularly powerful if you want to set up a large number of blogs with the same setup.

  • Create a clone of an existing blog
  • Create a totally new installation

activate wordpress themeActivate and Delete Themes and Plugins

Sometimes you no longer want to use a theme or a plugin on your blogs. By clicking a few buttons, you can deploy this across all of your selected blogs.

  • Activate/Delete a theme or plugin on just one blog
  • Activate/Delete multiple plugins on a blog
  • Activate/Delete just one or multiple themes and plugins on multiple blogs

wordpress groupingBlog Grouping

You will often find that you have different kinds of blogs that you want to put into groups. Or perhaps you have different clients and want to keep them separate.

WP Pipeline enables you to create as many groups as you like and put all of your different blogs in different groups. You can then pull up just the group of blogs which you want to manage.

wordpress user managementUser Management

This is an incredibly powerful feature which allows you to give multiple users access to your dashboard. Each one can have different permissions on what they are allowed to do and what blogs they have access to. This is very useful if you have clients, employees or even if you want to sell certain blogs and give them temporary access.

  • Give different permissions to different Wordpress users
  • Restrict access to certain blogs to certain users
  • Restrict access to groups of blogs to certain users

wordpress back upBacks up your blogs

From one central location, you can set up scheduled backups for your blogs so that if tragedy does happen, then you can easily restore the backup.

  • Backup on demand or on a schedule
  • Sends backup files via email, ftp, AWS or locally

wordpress managementBlog Management

WP Pipeline makes it extremely easy to add or delete blogs from your dashboard.

  • Add blogs individually
  • Add multiple blogs via the import function

wordpress directoriesCentral Plugin and Theme Directories

You probably have a lot of plugins and themes that you have bought or use regularly. WP Pipeline will enable you to keep a library of all of these plugins and themes so that you can easily find what you want.

"WP Pipeline is The ESSENTIAL Tool to Have If You Use Wordpress"

Imagine if you could control all of your Wordpress blogs from one central control panel.

Imagine if you could update all your Wordpress versions, themes and plugins across all of your blogs with just one click of a button.

Imagine if you could clone, backup or create a new blog with just a few clicks.

Imagine if you could deploy plugins and themes across all of your blogs with just one button.

Imagine if you never had to remember a username or password again!

Imagine if you have peace of mind that all your blogs are running as they should be.

Well, that is EXACTLY what you can do with WP Pipeline.

Your Only 2 Options

The simple truth is, if you use Wordpress in any way online and want to save time and money, gain full security, peace of mind and total control over your virtual real estate then you really only have 2 options:

1. Either you can regularly pay someone to:

  • check your plugins are up to date
  • check your Wordpress installation is up to date
  • check your themes are up to date


2. You can buy this software which will do it all for you in just a few simple clicks.

If you want a fast and easy way to make sure that you are fully protected and have the greatest chance of increasing revenue and traffic then you MUST take the second option and start using WP Pipeline today.

Let's Just Take a Closer Look at Option 1.

It takes approximately 10 minutes for someone to login to a Wordpress dashboard and make all of the updates.

(And this is if they even know that they need updates.)

If you have 5 blogs, then this is about 50 minutes.

But let's round down to just 30 minutes to be very conservative.

That's approximately 26 hours a year that you have to either pay someone or waste your own valuable time.

And that is JUST to keep your blogs up to date. And you probably have more than 5 blogs!

Remember, that is a very conservative estimate, your time spent tinkering with Wordpress is likely to be very much higher in all probability. I know it was for me before I had enough and created this fantastic new software.

But With Option 2?

When you go for the second option and use WP Pipeline, then:

1. You will be notified whenever you have to update any of your blogs.

2. All you have to do is to click ONE button and all of your blogs will be totally updated with the latest version of your themes, installations and plugins.

And then if you decide that you want to put a new plugin on all of your websites, all you need to do is to choose the plugin and once again just click on one button.

And then if you decide that you want to create a new blog (or 20) then you just need to press a few more buttons.

And if you want to create or recover a backup then we have you covered there also.

If you value your time, your money and also your piece of mind, then this is the way to go.

The cost of this software is a fraction of the cost of what you would have to pay if something goes wrong.

The cost of this software is a fraction of the cost of the time or money that you would have to spend if you were to manage each of your blogs manually.

WAIT - Surprise Local Business Income Opportunity!

One of the greatest satisfactions in developing software is helping clients. One of the greatest ways to help you as a client is to increase your earning potential. WP Pipeline does just that!

How? Read this closely…

WP Pipeline has built in features specifically made to earn money from local businesses!

Imagine offering a full management, update and protection service to local businesses that use Wordpress.

Let's face it, it's one thing to get in and build a site for someone, but how many of those Wordpress 'cowboys' in your town provide any form of longterm, hands-on support and care? WP Pipeline let's you offer this service, quickly and easily! You barely need to touch anything after you add the sites to your system. WP Pipeline does it all.

If you already work with local business, you can charge for this service $10-$20 a month. All updates on your clients' blogs will run smoothly and WP Pipeline will watch out for any issues in real time - allowing you to fix any problems quickly and be the local hero!

If you don't already work with local businesses then WP Pipeline gives you a golden opportunity to get your foot in the door! Every business owner needs to feel their business is being looked after by a pro and that they can concentrate on other things, knowing you have their back. When you invest in WP Pipeline today, YOU can instantly become that trusted pro... .

So, What Will It Be?

  • Be at risk of inactive blogs.
  • Be open to hacking attempts.
  • Be unsure if your blogs are up to date or not.
  • Forget your access passwords.
  • Waste hours of your precious time grappling with Wordpress instead of actually earning yourself more cash!


  • Purchase WP Pipeline.
  • Start instigating some proper management of your blogs.
  • Have the knowledge that if something is wrong with one of your blogs then you will know about it right away.
  • Have the ability to update your blogs by pressing just a few buttons from a central location.
  • Ensure that your blogs are backed up.
  • Save hours or days of work every month.

WP Pipeline brings this previously unheard of control into your hands and at an extraordinarily cheap price, but before I reveal that pleasant surprise, let me tell you how your purchase is fully covered my bullet proof guarantee…

My No Risk, Iron Clad 30 Days Guarantee!

no risk guarantee

Try WP Pipeline in your business today and you are protected by my 100% no questions asked guarantee!

I'm so certain that you will love the results you get that I'm willing to offer you my 30 days, risk free, guarantee.

Quite simply, I'm not going to be satisfied unless you are more than satisfied with WP Pipeline so here's the 'no small print' guarantee I want to give you today…

Claim your copy of WP Pipeline right now and put it to the test in your business. Use all the features and functions as many times as you want for 30 days. Then, if you feel that the software does not deliver everything that I have promised, or if you are just unhappy with it for any reason, then all you have to do is let me know at: and I'll immediately issue you with a prompt and full refund of every penny!

How can I make such a confident offer?

In short, I have absolutely no hesitation in making this 30 days, no questions asked, money back guarantee because I know you will love WP Pipeline. I've poured my own sweat and tears into this software and use it daily myself. I know it will deliver you exactly what you need to take full control over your websites and business, quickly and easily. I know you're going to love it.

Try out WP Pipeline 100% Risk Free!

Only keep it if you love it. If not just let us know for a full refund. Simple!

Full Worldclass Support

wordpress supportYour purchase of WP Pipeline comes with full, worldclass support. Although, the software is so simple to use, we doubt you'll ever need it, but just in case, our support staff is here for you.

Just contact: and any question you may have will be taken care of quickly and professionally.

Since we are removing any risk on your behalf with our generous 30 day money back guarantee AND full 'one on one' support, you can snatch up your INSTANT ACCESS to WP Pipeline today and start seeing the incredible benefits to your business and income right away...

Simply choose an option below to get started now:

WP Pipeline Choices

30 Days Free And Then $9.97 A Month

30 Days Free And Then $97 A Year


Q. Will it slow down my blog?

A. No it won't slow down your blogs. Your blogs will perform all their operations, including remote operations, as normal and will never "hang up" waiting for the Master Control Blog.

Q. How to I install it?

A. Installation is as simple as installing a plugin.

Q. Is it safe?

A. The plugin uses standard WordPress authentication (login) to access remote blogs. It does not create any "back doors" or non-standard access that can be exploited. All stored passwords are encrypted with a government standard encryption.

  • All URLs, usernames and passwords are encrypted
  • It uses RIJNDAEL_256 encryption, generally know as AES. AES has been adopted by the U.S. government and is now used worldwide.

Q. Is it fully compatible with my site?

A. Yes. Wp Pipeline is created to save you time and money, not waste it! WP Pipeline will stay ahead of any updates and changes in Wordpress to give you total peace of mind.

Q. Can you add feature XYZ?

A. Got an idea or something you want us to add? Just let us know. We're constantly working on WP Pipeline to ensure it remains the only software you'll need to protect your business.

The Smart Choice For Your Business

WP Pipeline really is a revolutionary software… Not only will it save you massive amounts of time but it will also give you full protection against any security exploits on your websites - PLUS protect your assets and income from taking any unwanted hits with our unique multiple site monitoring and statistics.

In short, if you use Wordpress in any shape or form then you need to be using WP Pipeline to ensure peak performance of your assets and income!

Time and time again, we have seen our clients (that are not yet using WP Pipeline!) get hit by hackers or have their sites made corrupt without a current backup. We have seen money earning sites taken down and income lost. WP Pipeline stops that. Period.

If you are not protected by WP Pipeline it could be YOUR site that is targeted and taken out of action today. It could be YOUR income that starts to be affected …and trust me, it's a painful experience.

Are you ready for it?

The only real choice to save your time and money is to install WP Pipeline now. With our 30 day money back guarantee and full professional support you are in great hands and can have your business covered in just a few minutes from now.

Simply click on your preferred option below and grab your groundbreaking software today…

30 Days Free And Then $9.97 A Month

30 Days Free And Then $97 A Year

To Your Success,
From Ben Shaffer

ben shaffer

P.S. If you truly want to save time and money, secure and protect your online assets, update, upgrade, back up and install your sites all with a few simple clicks of your mouse, then WP Pipeline is the software you need.

In fact, let's be fully upfront, without this software your business is a sitting duck!

Your income and online assets could be taken out over night by some dastardly hacker and there's little you can do about it… unless you are protected by WP Pipeline and our full support. There's a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee too!

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain when you look after your business today with WP Pipeline. Simply choose one of the above options right now to get total peace of mind in just a few minutes…

Click your option above and I'll help you get started today!

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